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Welcome To Wokebound Woke Bound

Hello, and welcome to Woke Bound. I'm your host, Mary Ann Linares. I am a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural cis woman and I use she/her pronouns. Throughout my life, I have been navigating my own diversity, and what that means in the world. I have found that educating others about inclusion, equity, diversity and justice is my calling. I’m starting this podcast with the intention of having conversations with both experts and everyday people about what these multi-faceted topics look like in action.  Although we may make some mistakes on the journey, if you love listening and learning please join me in getting “woke”, as they say. I promise that we will not always get it right, but that I will work hard to improve and call attention to what I learn from you all out there. Woke is a journey not a destination, and I hope you'll join me on the Woke Bound Journey. 

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